Step-by-Step Process to Check Content Duplication


Checking for content duplication is a tedious process that can be time-consuming and frustrating. But, some tools can make the task less time-consuming.

This article will cover a few of the most popular tools for checking for content duplication in different plagiarism checker tools. 

These are free tools that check for duplicate content on your website. It’s available on both desktop and web versions and checks nearly 100 billion websites to see if they have similar content as yours.

How to Plagiarism Checker Tools Work

  1. This plagiarism detector’s task is to search the internet for your work, which is preferable to manually searching search engines for your material. Every database may be thoroughly scanned, and a copyright detector or online plagiarism checker can flag even minute instances of plagiarism.
  2. The similarity checker will assemble the findings in a very comprehensible manner following the completion of the plagiarism test. Along with the rate of plagiarism, sentences that are duplicated and those that are original are highlighted in green color. The tools devised a color-coding system to make it simple for consumers to distinguish between copied and Unique content.
  3. The tools are fantastic online plagiarism checkers with reports. Therefore, the work is not finished here. So that you may thoroughly study the reference in which copied information is found, all the sources of the plagiarised sentences are given.
  4. The plagiarism detection online tool, which also contains a grammar checker, word counter, and article rewriter and is intended to improve your work, might be helpful if you want to find out how many websites have plagiarised your text.

Best Plagiarism Checker Tools

Here we have a few best plagiarism tools so that you it helps to chose one. There are many plagiarism tools using worldwide but we have four tools that are suitable for students, teachers and bloggers. So, you dont need to confusing in many plagiarism detector tools just read this content and select your favourite one.

Plagiarism Checker

The AI-powered Plagiarism Checker can find plagiarism instances in various texts, including blog posts, website material, college and university projects, a thesis, and more. These lightning-quick tools operate with just a few touches and provide 100% correct results displayed as percentages. So you may quickly determine how original and plagiarized your material is.


Plagium is a tool that records plagiarism quickly and effortlessly with a smooth, user-friendly design. The tool is free, operates online, and displays the findings as a timeline with the publication dates of the detected extracts.


Duplichecker simply and impartially provides the resources, emphasizing the outcomes and comparative analyses based on detected passages. The plagiarism detection software does rapid searches for text snippets, uploaded files, or URLs.


Plagiarism checker.Co provides a secure environment where texts may be uploaded, checked, and compared in an unbiased and customizable interface. The findings show graphs and percentages on the discovered transcripts, emphasizing the dangers of document plagiarism.

Step-by-Step Process to Check Content Duplication

There are many ways to find duplicate content on the internet. One of the most popular ways is using Plagiarism Detector tools. You can use it to check for duplicate content in your blog post or website. It’s also very easy to use and requires no technical knowledge.

Choose a Plagiarism detector tools

A plagiarism detector tool is needed for every teacher, student, blogger, and content writer, so you must choose a tool that rapidly checks your content with accurate results. The tool works smoothly and has fewer subscription charges that you can easily afford.

Also available in many languages 

Paste text or File

Once you select the plagiarism tool next steps are very easy to follow.  Copy the text or content you want to check in the plagiarism tool and paste it into the checking section. You can also upload the file in different formats like pdf, doc, and .odt, and it also allows you can upload files that you have saved in your cloud, thus also helping to save you more time.

Final Results

In a few seconds, the results appear in percentage so you can easily estimate how much your content or text is plagiarized and unique. And thus, you check the mentioned match sources to analyze and judge whether it’s naturally matched or plagiarized content.

Manually Checking

Manually checking is also a way to check the content on google. We know that when we add text to the google search bar, it shows results according to our text. So, searching the same data on google is called manually checking.  

  • First of all,  copy your text and paste into google search bar.
  • Now you can see there are several search results that are according to your research.
  • Click to open and check one by one all websites.
  • Take a look on all contents and thus you can know that any previously uploaded contents theme or idea not matching with yours content.
  • In the case of duplication or plagiarism you have to change your content.

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