How to Download and Register Winbox?


Before we jump to the downloading process, customers or players need to know why they should download, register, and try every game on Winbox. First of all, as explained, Winbox is the only gambling application that provides unlimited promotions and bonuses to customers. The promotions and bonuses are in the form of monthly promotions, RM10 free credit for every first time sign up to customers, referrer commissions for members or anyone who promote Winbox with their QR code, and also rewards by clicking the like and share button of Winbox’s social media. Other than that, the reason why Winbox is a trusted platform is mainly because Winbox has live chat support for customers or players which is provided in multiple languages and also provides support to a global customer base. Players also can easily access real people to seek help, explanation, and also guide on how to use Winbox and play every game. Winbox’s customer service is also a reputable online casino which is always giving instant responses or replies to queries. A general reason why customers or players should use Winbox is because it provides a variety of casino games which include hundreds of gamling games. These are examples on why you should try downloading Winbox and at the same time experiencing every feature that was provided by Winbox. After understanding every reason and the explanations about Winbox, you may start to download and sign up for the first time. In order to ease every users, Winbox is available both for Android and IOS users, this is to make it easier for players to start their games where before Winbox was a web based online casino and has evolved to a mobile application, therefore here are step by step on how to download for Winbox. The first one is for Android users where the users are required to visit the Winbox website at and then click on the “Download” button to proceed the installation on the phone to start registering. After that, players have the option of installing the Winbox App on their mobile device by selecting the mobile device Android APK version that appears on the screen. Then players need to click the “OK” button to open the Winbox app after the downloading process has completed. And lastly, players are required to go to the phone’s settings and click the allow button for Apps permission to proceed the installation of Winbox APK in the Android phone. For IOS users, it is a little bit different from Android users, where they need to download the “TestFlight” from the App Store and then open it. After that, players need to visit the Winbox website at and click the download button to proceed with installation for the Winbox application. After that, players have to click on the mobile device Apple IOS APK version to finish installing the Winbox App version, and then they have to click the “OK” button to activate the app, and finally players need to go to “setting” and the go to “general”, “profile and manage devices”, “options”, and then click “trust” to allow the application.

       After the downloading process had finished, players were required to register for an account. Even though it is an easy process, there are still some precautions to be taken in order to ease the account registration process. First of all, to register for Winbox, players need to scan the Winbox QR code whether it is from Winbox website itself, or any referrer, then the app will then pop out in the QR code scanner. Players may scan the QR code via WeChat’s scanner or any other QR scanner applications to complete the code scanning. After the app has popped out, players are required to set a unique ID which is to create an ID using letters and numbers, then set up a password using 6 characters that include letters and numbers. Enter the password once more, and then click the button labeled “Confirm.” After that, players are required to input their mobile phone number or email address in order to receive the OTP, and they must immediately key in the OTP numbers. Before clicking the “OK” button, players are reminded to click on the checkbox and read the agreement. Once every step has been completed, players are ready to play games in Winbox and be ready to receive rewards.

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