Foods That May Help Boost Testosterone

Boost Testosterone

Testosterone is related to male fertility, vigor, sex drive, and muscle mass, and bone health. According to an article published in Medical News Today, a man’s testosterone will dip as you age by 1-2 percent every year. However, certain lifestyles, medical conditions, as well as other aspects can affect the level of testosterone, the male hormone in your body.

A few medical treatments might increase the level of testosterone in your body, more so in young men. However, you can boost testosterone levels by changing your food habits and lifestyle. Here are the foods you can eat to boost the male hormone for vigor and libido:


Did you know that oysters have more zinc for each serving compared to other foods? And zinc is essential when it comes to your sperm health as well as reproductive function. Men who have a deficiency in zinc might develop conditions like hypogonadism. If you have this condition, your body will fail to create sufficient testosterone. You may face delayed sexual development or even impotence.

You will also find this essential mineral in foods like other shellfish, poultry, red meat, nuts, and beans. Remember that copper and zinc contest for absorption. So, watch when you’re taking supplements to avert choosing a high amount of either mineral.


You know that ginger is often used for culinary and medicinal reasons for hundreds of years. However, contemporary research indicates ginger helps in improving male fertility. Based on the findings of research in 2012, consuming ginger every day for three months helped to boost the level of testosterone by 17.7% in one group of 75 male adults having fertility problems. The research also indicated that ginger may help in improving your sperm health. If you have some fertility issues, you can get in touch with QC Kinetix (Bradenton). Visit the link to locate their clinic:

Leafy green veggies

Vegetables like kale, spinach, and Swiss chard have a high content of magnesium that boost the level of testosterone in your body. A 2011 study showed that consuming magnesium supplements for a month encouraged a boost of testosterone in sedentary people and athletes. Besides green vegetables, lentils, beans, whole grains, seeds, and nuts have magnesium.


Pomegranate is known to help in male sexual performance and fertility. Besides, the fruit has high antioxidants to ensure good cardiovascular health as well as stress reduction. A study in 2012 indicates that pomegranates help in boosting testosterone in men as well as in women. In that study, 60 healthy people drank the fresh juice of pomegranate for two weeks. The researchers discovered a boost in testosterone in their saliva. There were other indications like better mood as well as blood pressure.

When the study came to an end, the researchers found that both men and women in the group showed a regular 24 percent boost in testosterone in their saliva, and thrice a day.


Make changes in your daily diet and lifestyle to boost your testosterone for improved sexual health.

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