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Of all the well-known variations of 토토사이트poker, the game of Razz is probably the one that is played the least. Razz, the “R” in H.O.R.S.E., is typically discovered by players for the first time when participating in a tournament format that includes multiple game types.

Razz has been gaining some steam as some of the biggest names in poker continue to win the Razz-only events at the World Series of Poker. This is because players are starting to venture out more and more from No Limit Texas Hold ‘am to other forms of poker.

The basic strategy of Razz appears to many players to be rather uncomplicated. That is, until they try it for the first time and discover more to it than initially appears to be the case. However, a little amount of careful planning may go a very long way.

Understanding Razz

We must have a firm grasp of the rules of Razz토토사이트 before delving into the game’s most fundamental gameplay methods. Suppose you have no prior experience with Razz Poker and need clarification about the rules and structure of the game. We strongly recommend you go through our Rules of Razz Poker section before proceeding further. This will ensure that you completely comprehend how the game is played.

If, on the other hand, you managed to get through that section, you should now have a somewhat solid comprehension of how the game is played. However, a quick review wouldn’t harm in the least…

  • Regarding its structure and betting, the card game of Razz adheres to the same rule set as Seven Card Stud.
  • The winning hand is determined by having as few points as feasible.
  • This is a game with predetermined stakes.
  • This is a low Ace.
  • There is a maximum of eight players allowed at each table.

Strategy on a Basic Level

The card game razz can be a challenging one at times. In Texas Hold’em, a novice player might get lucky and win against a table full of experienced players. However, in Razz, this scenario only occurs sometimes.

Experience is quite valuable in Razz. But we all have to begin our journeys at some point.


The need to remember cards is very important in Razz, and we went into it a little bit more depth in our guide to Seven Card Stud, so you can check that out if you’re interested.

When trying to put players on a hand, it is imperative to remember what face-up cards were folded so that you know which cards your opponent CANNOT have. This may sound rather insignificant, but remembering what face-up cards were folded is necessary to put players on a hand.

The more stud games you play, you will become accustomed to committing those cards to memory during a hand.

Players who are just starting should make an effort to keep track of all the exposed cards with a rank of eight or lower. In some situations, knowing that the nines, tens, and jacks are all useless would be beneficial, but they might be reserved for more advanced levels of Razz.

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