3 Best NFT Games In 2023

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NFT games incorporate traditional design with blockchain technology, allowing players to earn money by playing or passively collecting royalties from in-game transactions. Analyzing a game’s tokenomics and determining whether the community is excited about it is the key to finding a great NFT game. Play some of the best metaverse games in 2023 to turn your gaming time into money.

3 Best NFT Games In 2023

In virtual and augmented reality, NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are becoming increasingly popular. This is because they allow you to own a digital asset without buying, trading, or selling it to someone else. But how do you choose the best NFT game? What are the features that make a game better than another? We’ve compiled a list of the 3 best NFT games in 2023.

1. Illuvium

One of the best AAA P2E adventure games is Illuvium. Illuvium is an auto-battler fantasy NFT game made on the Ethereum Blockchain that will be available for PC and Mac in the first quarter of 2023 (the beta version is already available here). Because it is the first AAA P2E crypto game, it stands out from other blockchain games. The developers behind Illuvium have worked on Batman and Bioshock: Arkham Knight is renowned for its exceptionally high quality.

In addition to catching illuvial, players must complete daily quests to obtain various items. NFTs make up each of these in-game collectibles. Additionally, you can create a new, more advanced beast by combining two Illuvials to produce the NFT Illuvial. The more powerful Illuvials you have, the more money you can sell them for.

2. The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a community-driven gaming platform with $SAND as its gaming token, the primary utility token of the game’s metaverse, to create, own, and monetize their gaming experiences. The supply of $SAND, limited to 3,000,000,000, is based on the Ethereum blockchain. Lands make up the world of the Sandbox. Players control these LANDS, which are a part of the metaverse game and are used to create and monetize their gaming experiences. Keep in mind that there will only be 166,464 total LANDS available. Players can use Land NFTs to create multiplayer experiences, housing, games, and social activities for other players.

The Sandbox is made up of three main parts:

VoxEdit: Voxel art—similar to pixel art but in 3D—can be created, animated, and exported with this NFT creator. These voxel-based NFTs, which can be either creatures or items, can be used in the game or sold on The Sandbox’s marketplace.

Marketplace: With $SAND, you can look for the best creator’s assets here and purchase them to use in your LAND. This is just one of the places where you can buy and sell the game’s NTFS because it runs on a blockchain.

Game Designer: You can play other people’s games or create your own using The Sandbox’s game maker. Coding is optional! After that, you can sell the games you make.

Therefore, there are three ways to earn money in the Sandbox: Play games and get rewards; make games and make money from them; make assets and sell them. Snoop Dogg has been working on his Snoopverse in The Sandbox, where he plans to hold exclusive parties. Land in the Snoopverse, adjacent to Snoop Dogg’s NFT house, has been purchased for $450,000 by one NFT collector. Will you be the next digital neighbor of Snoop?

3. Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is the best TCG NFT game in 2023. Chris Clay, a game director whose credits include Magic: Gods Unchained, a tactical card game that can be played for free like The Gathering Arena, already has two expansions, Trial of the Gods and Divine Order. The game Gods Unchained gives players complete control over their in-game items. You will build your deck, collect rare cards, and sell your cards to other players as you progress through the ranks. A set of cards called the “Welcome Set” are free for players to help them learn about the game and how each god works.


The world of NFT games is proliferating, and several new ones have been released this year. These games are all fairly unique; some are even available for mobile devices. The aforementioned games are ahead in the race of NFT games as they are getting massive attention from users.

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